May 2022

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Center News

If April showers bring May flowers, we should have quite the show, right? Bring on the sun and bring on the beautiful colors! We are so lucky to live here-rain and snow one day, and flowers popping the next.... Read more >
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Improve Our Mood with Food

Rethink Healthy

May is mental health awareness month, and what a great time to discuss how diet can alter your state of mind.  Did you know there are many foods that can actually improve your mood? Next time you are in need of a mood boost, reach for these foods: omega-3's, fermented foods, leafy greens, tryptophan, pholypheyols, and chocolate!... Read more >
Nancy Brest doing a lunge on a dock
Nancy Brest, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer

Center for Health Team Member Spotlight

Nancy has always been passionate about health and fitness. She received her BA in Neurobiology at the University of California at Berkeley and worked in pharmaceutical research before moving to the mountains for a “season” in 1998.... Read more >
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May Health & Wellness Events

Programs & Classes

Nuero Adapted Chair Yoga, Intro to Yoga, Authentic Wellness: You and Your Loved One-Caring for an Aging Brain... Read more >
Chinese Lettuce Cups
Chinese Lettuce Cups

Recipe of the Month

Recipe from The Real Food Dietitians and prepared by Lisa Fligor in March's Cooking Club... Read more >