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ACL Post-Op Rehab Workshop
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Looking to improve your lower extremity strength, power, and stability? Look no further! If you have suffered any ankle, knee, or hip injuries and are looking to get back the fitness needed to return to sport, this is your class. This is a group class geared specifically to single leg strength and stability and higher level training. The class is led by Ashly Gillis, DPT, ATC and is offered as an affordable way to get in extra rehabilitation and offer the return to sport training necessary at the end stages of rehabilitation. This is also a great class to attend if you have graduated from physical therapy but need a little extra kick in the rear to get back in shape before returning to your sport. It is a fast paced, fun class, but can be geared to meet any specific rehabilitation needs to safely participate. 

The 4-week ACL Post-Op Rehab workshop starts the first Wednesday of each month, 4-5pm. Pre-registration is required; $80 per 4 week session.

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