November 2019

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November News

Our team works closely with community members, resource advocates and medical providers 7 days a week with your wellness goals in mind. We have something for everyone!... Read more >
Healthy plate
Power Up the Plate

Feature Article

Look down at your plate. Does it have color? Using a Healthy Eating Plate, like the Canadians Food Guide seen here, as a guide for creating healthy, balanced meals. The key is balance in the following food groups:... Read more >
Colorful vegetables
Diabetes Friendly Holiday

Rethink Healthy

Learn tools to keep blood sugars in-check this season... Read more >
Coral Taylor, RYT
Coral Taylor, RYT

Wellness Team Member of the Month

Coral began practicing yoga as exercise and to rehabilitate an ACL-repair, but she soon realized that in addition to the physical benefits of strength, flexibility and balance, she also experienced mental and emotional health benefits.... Read more >
Corn and Gourds

Classes and Events

Yoga Basics 2 hour workshop for students who are interested in learning more about yoga! You will learn:... Read more >
Basket of Mushrooms

Harvest of the Month

Mushroom Quinoa Skillet This is an easy, healthy side dish perfect for cozy fall meals. Ingredients:... Read more >