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Calling All New Parents!
Five babies sitting in diapers

There are three great events coming up for parents of babies and toddlers. We know as parents, you welcome any help you can get, and we are happy to help out. Join us for these upcoming events:

  • October 3rd - Raising Healthy Eaters: Toddler Edition. Nourishing a toddler is tough! Do you ever wonder if you're 'doing it right' or curious on how to do it better? Join us for a one hour class, followed by a 30 minute Q & A.
  • October 7th - Infant Nutrition. Learn about Baby Led Weaning and how to Introduce solid foods to your baby.
  • October 7th to 24th - Baby Massage. This hands-on workshop promotes bonding and communication, while improving baby’s circulation and digestion, easing tension, increasing relaxation, and reducing fussiness.

Call us to enroll: (530) 587-3769.