March 2020

Meadow with wild flowers under blue sky
Authentic Wellness Series

March News

Did you know that every month we offer FREE "Authentic Wellness" programs here at the Center for Health? Every date has a different topic, and they are open to everyone! Come join us this month:... Read more >
Woman practicing yoga on the beach
Yoga Basics

Feature Article

Have you heard about yoga, but don’t really know what it is? Are you interested in trying it out but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? What it entails? And you don’t want to “look stupid” in front of other people who already know how to do it, or you have an injury you don’t want to aggravate?... Read more >
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Improve Your Health: Bite by Bite

Rethink Healthy

March is National Nutrition Month and there is no better time than now to challenge yourself to think about nutrition in a new way. This year, the focus is "Eating Right: Bite by Bite". What if you tried a different approach to eating and food choices?... Read more >
Lisa Masser, Certified Yoga Instructor
Lisa Masser, Certified Yoga Instructor

Wellness Team Member of the Month

Initially drawn to yoga to help balance her athletic lifestyle and photography career, Lisa believes movement is pure artistic expression of the deepest parts of our soul as well as a method to find our way to a greater source within.... Read more >
Yoga class

Classes and Events

Boot Camp Kick it up a notch with this 4-week, results driven fitness and weight loss program. Boot Camp is designed to help you reach your goals in a safe and supportive atmosphere.... Read more >
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Butternut Squash, Lentil and Quinoa Salad

Harvest of the Month

This salad makes for a hearty winter dish, great for lunch or a side dish!... Read more >