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Tara Dellolacono Thies, RDN
Tara Dellolacono Thies, RDN

Tara DelloIacono Thies is a registered dietitian nutritionist with over twenty years of experience influencing and educating audiences on eating to support healthy active lifestyles. She believes pleasure and satisfaction are derived from life experiences and what and how we eat has the power to maximize those experiences. She enjoys teaching classes and athletes (recreational to pro) and active people on eating to fuel their potential. She especially likes consulting with individuals recovering from injury, those committed to improving health improvement through diet and lifestyle, and teens. Counseling some of the world's greatest athletes has taught her that there is an athlete in all of us at some level just waiting to emerge from consistent forward action toward our goals. She has also learned that reaching the goal is less important than what we learn along the way. 

She is also a trusted food industry advisor, educating food companies on making foods that are healthier for both people and our planet. She worked in-house at Clif Bar and Company for eighteen years where she led nutrition education initiatives, product nutrition strategy, and nutrition marketing. 

Tara grew up in Montana and received her BS in dietetics from Montana State University before moving to California for post-graduate internship. She lives in Truckee with her husband, two boys and pup. Always up for adventure, Tara enjoys long trail runs, skiing of all types, and biking. She moonlights as a mighty might ski coach, mountain bike coach, and cross-country running coach. 

Join her this month for "Feed Your Adventures"